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Apr 9, 2018

Chuck Nazty signs for 6 more years at $108-$116 million (the oldest player to get over $100 mil at 32). Could it be the Altuve effect? And what are the implications for possibly next year’s free agents like Machado and Harper, both 25?

Turns out the Buster Posey rule against blocking home plate only applies to catchers. Who knew? Maybe Mychal Givens, and all Didi Gregorius got was an out and a bloody mouth.

Pottymouth keeps her lead in the Boyfriend Fantasy League as Patti moves into second place. There's a long way to go yet, so keep listening.

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Charlie Blackmon

Bald eagle lands

Gabe Kapler

Lester bounce pass

NIcholas Castellanos/hard hit rate

Pham walk up song

MLB’s 2nd annual girls baseball tournament


Ohtani’s homer against Kluber, Japanese call

Rendon/Martinez ejection

Dusty Baker

Snow games