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Apr 17, 2018

Jackie Robinson Day celebration! Wait, is that...Wahoo? With the #42? Seriously, wft?

Pottymouth has a word or two for Torey Lovullo after he said some unkind things about her Cardinals boyfriend Yadier Molina. Not okay, Torey!

MLB at the UFC! Play-by-play for the Rockies-Padres and Red Sox-Yankees brawls and the "three stages of the brawl".

Big shout out to MLB for their Trailblazer Series, bringing 100 baseball-playing girls ages 11 to 13 to California for the MLB Youth Academy! 

Patti takes the lead in the Boyfriend Fantasy League as Pottymouth moves into second place and Patti's second string moves into third. There's a long way to go yet, so keep listening.

Get details about everything in this week's show and our Baseball Boyfriend Fantasy League at

Molina/Lovullo Fight

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Rockies/Padres fight

Red Sox / Yankees fight

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Unintended Consequences of rule changes

Trailblazer series

Indians/Twins in Puerto Rico

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Moustakis homer in the snow