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Jul 3, 2018

Patti and the Pottymouth welcome special guest Alfredo Alvarez, of Con Las Bases Llenas, for a Red Sox / Yankees Series smackdown, er, discussion. Alfredo’s story of becoming a Yankees fan as a child in Cuba almost convinces Patti to join the Evil Empire, but her aggressively ugly Orioles shirt (and her aggressively Red Soxy Pottymouth) keep her grounded.

We celebrate Joey Votto’s strike zone in honor of Canada Day, and revisit crime and punishment in the MLB in the form of Luke Heimlich and Chris Bosio. Patti just wants to talk about Frank Zappa mustaches, but grooming goes to another level when Pottymouth insists on admiring the shiny, shiny muscles of naked ballplayers in the ESPN Body Issue.

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