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Nov 20, 2018

Pottymouth’s wrap-up of the MLB All-Stars series gives her the last opportunity of 2018 to say Zoom Zoom AND Ginger Beard in the same segment (you have to see John Brebbia’s face to believe it). Patti works Red Sox and Women’s Hockey into the same sentence as Sox VP Raquel Ferreira drops the ceremonial first puck at a Boston Pride game. Recently fired Seattle Mariners exec Lorena Martin and the team are in an epic She Said/They Said over Martin’s accusations of racist and sexist actions by Mariner’s top brass. Condoleeza Rice is the subject of the best debunked Women in Professional Sports Rumor ever. It’s new boyfriend time! Pottymouth finds the O’s Jonathan Villar through both the high road (his mom!) and the low road (butt tag!). Patti arrives at Cedric Mullins through her admiration of Adam Jones and her nostalgic lead-off hitter crush on Kenny Lofton. The Marlins will be in new uniforms and new hashtags this year #ourcolores. Pottymouth phones a friend to select Miami’s Victor Victor Mesa, and Patti tentatively claims Austin Dean, as the answer to the trivia question, “Who fell victim to Max Scherzer’s 300th strikeout in 2018”