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Feb 20, 2018

Spring Training for the 2018 Major League Baseball Season has begun, and so has Season 2 of No Crying In Baseball!

This week: The Chicago Cubs are singing "I got Yu babe" after signing pitcher Yu Darvish and the San Diego Padres pick up first baseman Eric Hosmer.

No time for anything else because Patti & Pottymouth are too busy talking about their Boston Red Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks boyfriends. Pottymouth is giddy as a schoolgirl about Mookie Betts and has nothing but respect for David "freight train" Peralta. Patti's hoping Ohio native Andrew Benintendi can get her into his uncle's Garage Mahal and she finally succumbs to Paul Goldschmidt's charms.

Get details about everything in this week's show and our upcoming Baseball Boyfriend Fantasy League at