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Sep 25, 2018

Patti and the Pottymouth sit in the greatest ballpark seats of their lives and see the historic (Max Scherzer breaking his all-time season strikeout record) and the hilarious (Baltimore’s DJ Stewart scoring a run off his first major league hit, which was a single). Pottymouth’s Piña BFs Yuli and Lourdes Gurriel have a smackdown of sorts. Patti thanks Christian Yelich for allowing her to legitimately bring up the Cleveland Browns in an NL MVP rundown, which also includes her BFs Javier Baez and Trevor Story. In the week of #whyididntreport, we bring you Addison frickin' Russell. Baseball For All’s regional tourney tells us the story of Maria Pepe, the first girl to play Little League. Baseball math and 538 show how loveable basement-dwellers Royals and Os would fare in AAA. And St. Michael looks a lot like Wonder Woman on Bartolo Colon’s forearm.