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Oct 23, 2018

Patti and the Pottymouth play the mom card over Jose Altuve’s “bravery” in playing while seriously hurt, falling for Chris Sale’s belly button ring diagnosis, and wanting to keep that nice Cody Bellinger away from bad influences disguised as the cool kids in the Dodger dugout. Fingers crossed that our Dodger boyfriends Matt Kemp and Kiké Hernandez get some playing time in the Series. We are all in for Craig Counsell and Christian Yelich throwing shade at Manny Machado who will NEVER be our boyfriend. Alex Cora is all in for Craig Kimbrel despite the heart attacks. We talk fan interference and That Call, plus the history of cheating in baseball from telescopes to electric shocks, mascots, and cellphones. And just in time for Game 1, our World Series Predictions. No really, who thinks Pottymouth picks the Red Sox?