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Mar 19, 2018


Spring training is nearly over and we're still talking about new deals? Whaaa? Jake Arrieta signs a 3yr $75m deal with the Phillies and Jose Altuve signs a 5-yr extension worth $151m, the most in Astros history, while Bautista, Aviles, Cobb and so many others remain unsigned.

We're still excited about Shohei Ohtani but he's not having a great Spring Training...leading Patti to speculate that he may not be on the opening day roster. That's a story we'll be following!

Also this week: Patti & Pottymouth name their 2nd String Boyfriend League players.

Get details about everything in this week's show and our Baseball Boyfriend Fantasy League at

Getting Moosed

Ohtani to AAA?

Altuve at the White House


Unsigned players